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The new online customer platform

MyGRIMME is an internet portal for final customers where all GRIMME machines can be clearly managed. The core of the new portal is the digital machine file, which displays specific informations. These include the specific equipment features of the machine, and the corresponding operating instructions and spare parts list. As well as this, maintenance instructions and required updates are clearly displayed. Thanks to this, the customer always has a complete overview over their GRIMME machine. But myGRIMME can do even more. Machines with telemetry units are clearly displayed on a Google Maps map. Therefore the owner can not only track the location of the machine, but its exact movements in the field. The user is also given direct access to the GRIMME used machine portal as well as the online configurator. Further applications are incorporated in the next stages of development so that the owner continues to reap the benefits of myGRIMME.

Category: Dealer search Configurator


  • Basic features are free of charge
    • Position of the machine
    • Display of the tracks for the last 24 hours
    • Digital machine file
  • All information about your GRIMME machines at a glance
  • Dealer management
  • Usable with any internet-enabled device
  • All GRIMME machines from 1996 onwards can be managed, regardless of whether they have internet-connectivity (GSC-BOX) or not.
  • Positioning and visualization of the driving routes of your machines
  • Display of machine settings, e.g. the speed of the cleaning turbines of a REXOR beet harvester
  • Display of agronomical data, such as fuel consumption of a GRIMME self-propelled harvester
  • Detailed view with machine-specific documents such as operator manuals, maintenance plans, etc.
  • Machine-specific spare parts list
  • Digital antitheft (geofencing)
  • Continuously growing range of features


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Web-based online portal
  • Usable with any internet-enabled device
  • Server and data center in Germany
  • All data are subject to the German Data Protection Act

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