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Assistance systems - Depth control | TerraControl

Automatic ridge pressure regulation and depth control

TerraControl is an electronic system for hydraulic depth control with an integrated, fully adjustable ridge pressure system. The ridge pressure is permanently adjustable via operator terminal. The height of the ridges is automatically scanned in order to control the corresponding digging depth


  • Hydraulic share depth guidance, including an integrated, infinitely adjustment of ridge pressure and adjustable ridge relief.
  • ensures a constant digging depth is achieved in all conditions.
  • Crop protection is maximised because of a reduction in ridge pressure.
  • Optimised crop flow at all times.
  • light soils: the ridge relief ensures, that an increased amount of soil will be carried onto the main web
  • heavy and loamy soils:
    • reduced soil compaction due to reduced ridge pressure
    • adjustable ridge pressure helps to reduce lumpy soil, to increase sieving performance

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