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Die vierreihigen Becherlegemaschinen GL 420 und GL 430 sowie die Riemenlegemaschine GB 430 haben verschiedene Neuerungen erhalten.

The GRIMME GL 420 and GL 430, which are both four-row cup planters and the belt planter GB 430 have received various new features.

New cost-effective single-row switch on/off

GRIMME uses a new single-row control system as the basis for Section Control on the cup planters type GL 420 and GL 430. This new development is a cost-effective alternative to the common hydraulic single row drive.

The common drive for four planting elements is provided by only one hydraulic motor, driving a continuous shaft. Electromagnetic clutches are now mounted for each individual planting element. The planting elements can be switched on and off quickly and conveniently from the operator terminal. As an option, the planting elements can be automatically switched on and off by using Section Control, depending on the GPS position.

Picture: The new single row switching by use of an electromagnetic clutch at each planting element.

Protection against soil erosion with GRIMME belt planters

For the 2021 season, the GRIMME GB 430, a four-row potato belt planter can be optionally equipped with the dyking system called TerraProtect PRO (patent pending) for erosion control in potato cultivation.

The system TerraProtect, consists of a loosening tine with integrated stone protection and a subsequent small dyking device. The loosening tine loosens the underground and increases the capacity of water absorption of the soil. The dyking-share, adapted to the contour of the ridges, generates traverse-dams (so-called dykes) for water storage. Thus preventing valuable soil from being washed out during heavy rainfall. This protects the productive soil and ensures an even water supply for the crop.

The TerraProtect PRO works together with an intelligent control for comfortable operation from the tractors cab. The maximum protection against soil erosion is achieved by an even spacing of the dykes, so an equal amount of water can be stored everywhere. This is made possible by an automatic control system that adapts the frequency of dyking to variable driving speeds. The TerraProtect PRO offers convenient single ridge switching for each dyker and an integrated spraying track switch-off for increased comfort.

Picture: The GB 430 with TerraProtect PRO draws dykes between the potato ridges.

Picture: Construction of the TerraProtect System with a loosening tine and a following dyking-share.

Operator-friendly coupling of planter and tractor

For easy and convenient coupling resp. uncoupling of the machine, all available drawbars for the trailed GL 430 cup-platers are now equipped with a hydraulic jack stand as standard. At the same time, the GL 430 receives a new hose cabinet for the hydraulic and air connections. Furthermore, the hose routing has been optimized for simplified connection with the tractor.

Picture: The potato planter GL 430 with the standard, hydraulic jack stand and the new hose cabinet.