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Technique de récolte des carottes - Technique de récolte portée | CM-100E

Un rang, portée, avec élévateur de déchargement

The CM-100E is a tractor mounted, single-row toplifter, with a loading elevator to the left side. It is a perfect match to start a mechanical and effective harvest of carrots, red beets, parsnips and other root crops. The machine is fully hydraulically driven and is therefore highly reliable and with low maintenance. The CM-100E has long top-lifting belt for harvesting the root crops as well as the unique sprocket drive and the ASA-LIFT supreme cutting system for effective removal of the haulm on the root crops. Under the lifting belt, the hydraulically rotating root cleaner will gently remove soil from the product. This machine offers a large range of options, allowing optimal adaptions to the requirements of the individual customer.


  • The machine is easy to start and use
  • The small size gives great maneuverability
  • Adjustments of the parts is very easily done
  • Large option range catalogue for individual adaptation
  • Reliable design gives less down-time for repair
  • Elevator provides more capacity

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Vous trouverez ici des informations sur l'équipement de la machine. Toutes les indications sont approximatives et sans engagement.


  • Pickup section with 335 cm toplifting unit with a harvesting belt, PK5 Groove profile surface, extended to the back over the knives.
  • Front cylinder mounted to a bracket under the tractor
  • Share system with shear bolt protection, 150 mm share point.
  • Belt cleaner (manual) at the rear of the drive pulleys.
  • Root cleaner, hydraulically driven mounted in horizontal position.
  • Adjustable wheel support
  • 630 mm wide elevator with one pivot point.
  • 28 mm web with PVC covered bars.

Données techniques


Largeur de travail  
Nombre de rangs 1
Élévateur de déversement  
Largeur élévateur de déchargement 630 mm
Hauteur de déversement 3100 mm
Nombre de pneus 2
Pneumatiques 10.0/75-15.3

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