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Zwiebeltechnik - Erntevorbereitung | OT Rear mounted

Rear mounted onion topper

The OT series is a tractor rear mounted, mechanically driven onion topper, driven by the tractors PTO. It comes with different working widths from 150 to 225 cm. The OT is a compact machine, which fits all tractors and is used to lift top off the onions before harvesting, blowing the tops out into the wheel tracks. To allow a more efficient harvest, pick the front mounted version and add a rear mounted windrower.


  • Four working width options to choose from
  • Very stable due to the four wheels and can be upgraded to six, if needed, due to growing conditions



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  • Four models with different working widths: 1500/1800/2000/2250
  • 540 RPM
  • Three sets of revolving knives
  • Four hydraulic height-regulated wheels

Technische Daten

OT Rear mounted

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