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Erntetechnik - 1-reihig | KT-175 

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The KT-175 is a tractor mounted, single-row potato harvester, to use for the high value harvest, which needs a gentle handling. It is hydraulically driven by the tractors hydraulic system and has a hedgehog belt to separate stones and clods. It has a digging section and a selection table with space for 2-4 persons to sort and select the product, which is loaded directly into large boxes up to 750 kilo as standard. Different box systems can be chosing as options. The harvesting section has a wide 75 cm intake, with two spring-loaded intake discs and haulm wheels and a floating diable roller as well as a forked share system. Haulm is removed by the spring-loaded haulm roller at the rear of the digging section and the machine is eqiupped with a shaker to separate the soil.

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  • A unique machine for high value crops such as early potatoes
  • Gentle harvest with a smaller crew
  • Several options to adapt to different box systems
  • Hydraulicly driven gives little maintanence and downtime
  • Small turning radius


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  • Harvesting section with 750 mm wide digging web and
    • Spring loaded disc coulter
    • Floating diablo roller for potatoes
    • Forked share system
    • Spring loaded haulm roller for the green tops
    • Adjustable shaker system with manual adjustments.
  • Main section with.
    • A hedgehog belt to separate stones and clods.
    • Hydraulic vibrating fingers
    • Inspection table with two webs for separation of product and trash.
    • Standing platform for 2-4 persons.

Technische Daten


Reihenanzahl 1
Einschüttbreite 750 mm

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