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Onion technology - Mounted harvester | WR-Series

Single-row trailed windrower, variable intake width

The WR-series is a new-designed windrower, which ensures efficient windrowing, reliability and low running costs. The WR-series is available from 135 to 200 cm working width. The WR have 2 webs and are mounted with a manually adjustable shaker. The windrowers can be delivered with rotating shaft and rubber paddle or with a full share. 2 rotating discs cut the leaves on the side of the bed system. From the machines, the onions are gently laid down on the bed by an adjustable PVC-depositor. The working depth of the machine are controlled by the tractor or by the front-mounted support wheels. The windrower is driven by the tractor‘s PTO-shaft.

Disc coulters cuts onion tops to ease intake

Rotating rubber paddle helps lift the onions onto the web

Pressure roller levels the bed before onion deposits


  • 135-200 cm working width
  • New design with a strong profile frame
  • 2 rotating intake discs cuts in front of frame
  • Full share with adjustable angle comes as standard
  • Shaker on first web - manual and easily adjustable
  • 2x42 mm pitch webs with 10 mm bars
  • PVC depositor at end places the crop in a uniform line
  • PTO shaft with slip clutch included

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Intake equipment:
  • Hydraulic rubber paddle
  • Floating rubber paddle
  • Forked share
  • Reinforced full share
  • Rotating twisted iron shaft
  • Height adjustable front wheels for depth control
  • 550 mm intake discs
  • Other:
  • Adjustable shaker
  • Pressure roller for bed levelling before onion deposit
  • ASA-LIFT Boogie system with variable wheel settings
  • Different pitched webs
  • Buffer plate for temporary holding windrowing (effective at end of field)

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