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Porreetechnik - Getragene Erntetechnik | PA-78F

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The PA-78F is a small, universal machine, which can be used to lift different crops, such as leeks or potatoes onto the surface, allowing a crew to collect it by hand. It is mounted behind the tractor with an offset lifting share on the right side of the tractor, lifting the product onto the soil next to the right wheel-track. The machine has a vibrating share blade with round steel fingers which separates soil before placing product on the surface. The PA-78 is mechanically driven by the tractors PTO and should be used for a row distance of min. 35-40 cm.

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  • A universal machine which can be used for several crops
  • Small and compact, easy to handle
  • High value for money
  • Offset lifting share gives a higher yield


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  • Mechanical drive on the tractors PTO
  • Vibrating share plate with round steel fingers

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