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Grüne Bohnen-Technik - Gezogene Erntetechnik | GB-1000

Single row, trailed

The updated and redesigned GB-100 has a completly new harvesting section, build to improve the harvest of beans. The new design has divided the stripping wheel into two with the ability to spin at an individually controlled speed. This ensures the most gentle and efficient way of machine-harvesting the beans from the plants. The capacity has been improved by extending the harvesting section by 25%, meaning a more consistent intake and higher capacity. Maintenance and cleaning has become easy and uncomplicated by implementing a hinged shield with gas-strut supports in front of the picker wheels. The pick-up belt after the rotor has been improved in capacity, making more space for the beans and leaves. The pick-up section has two individual speed sections to ensure gentle harvest. The driver can control the height of the pickup section and increase the intake angle by raising the tractors lift arm, if the bean-plant is extra high.


  • Can harvest green beans, edamame, southern peas and butter beans
  • Minimum row width: 45 cm
  • 2 boxes or bags can be used
  • Compact design
  • Good comfort for operator
  • Small turn radius
  • Adjustable harvesting height and angle
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick replacements
  • Hydraulically driven



Hier finden Sie Informationen zur Serienausstattung der Maschine. Alle Angaben sind ca.-Angaben und unverbindlich.


  • Harvesting section with:
    • Two speed stripping drums
    • Feeding belt to fan separator
    • Flow system for separation of leaf.
    • Wide cross belt
  • Platform folding for transportt
  • Elevator for filling into boxes.

Technische Daten


Länge 5462 mm
Breite 2070 mm
Höhe 2203 mm
Leergewicht bei Grundausstattung 1800 kg
Reihenweite min 45 cm
Reihenanzahl 1