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Fully Qualified

Fully Qualified


This year's presentation day at Brooksby college saw Jason Maplethorpe and Tom Thornally gain awards for their past few years of hard work.

Grimme is proud of its technician apprenticeship programme, which it operates in conjunction with Brooksby Melton College.

At this year's presentation day at Brooksby College Jason Maplethorpe, Tom Thornalley, and Jake Smith of SOS received there certificates and awards for the past few years of hard work. 

Brooksby Melton College has a rich heritage as a leading provider of agricultural training and education in the East Midlands. Generations of students have benefited there from hands-on experience of every aspect of farming, crop and animal production on its 850-acre site at Brooksby. Grimme believes that giving apprentices learning opportunities are not only vital to their growth and success but also a key part of its investment to sustain the future of the business.

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